Shapewear Accessories

When it comes to shapewear accessories for women, Skinister provides products for sculpting your body and enhancing your hourglass figure.  

Most accessories in our stores are guided towards creating a sexy hourglass figure. There are 4 main components of an hourglass figure, also known as “The Perfect Figure”. There’s the Corset or Waist Cincher, Tights, Hip Pads, and of course your natural body shape. Combining the 3 main products will further enhance your natural body shape to boost your curves! If you own a pair of our hip pads or are thinking about purchasing some, don’t forget to check out our exclusive Shape ‘N Go crotchless shaping garment is specially designed to keep our silicone hip pads in place, allow for restroom convenience all while maintaining a sleek, seamless hourglass figure. Instant, sexy curves have never been easier or more convenient than with this perfectly engineered garment!