Skinister Medical Adhesive For Ostomy Care

Why use Skinister Medical Adhesive for Ostomy Care

Most ostomy wafers will come with a layer of adhesive already applied. However, the thin adhesive layer might not create a strong enough bond to the skin for extended wear. This can sometimes cause discomfort or leakage. Skinister Medical Adhesive can be applied in addition to this adhesive to help provide a secure seal and maintain your skin health.

How to Use Skinister Medical Grade Adhesive Spray for an Ostomy System

Follow these simple steps to apply Skinister Medical Grade Adhesive to your Ostomy system.

Step 1
Begin by cleaning the skin around your stoma.

Step 2
Prepare your ostomy pouching system as instructed.

Step 3
Remove the protective liner from the adhesive skin barrier on the pouching system.

Step 4
If using the spray bottle (2oz and 4oz sizes), spray the adhesive evenly on to the adhesive side of the pouching system.

  • If using the drip bottle (1oz size), drip a desired amount of adhesive onto the adhesive side of the pouching system. With clean hands, distribute the adhesive evenly using a finger or a cloth.

Step 5
Allow the adhesive to dry for 5 minutes, then apply your pouching system as instructed.

Remember, only use Medical Adhesive as directed. Do not apply this product directly to the skin, stoma, or wounds.

Tips on using Skinister Medical Adhesive

  • When first using Skinister Medical Adhesive, test a small amount on your skin to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.
  • The amount of adhesive you apply to your ostomy system will depend on the ostomy system as well as your own personal preference. Familiarize yourself with different amounts of adhesive until you find what works best for you.
  • If your spray nozzle becomes clogged, clean the nozzle with acetone or Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover.

Adhesive Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to use the Skinister Medical Adhesive on the entire skin barrier?

  • You can spray it on the entire adhesive surface of the pouching system. However, if there are particular areas that are not adhering well, you can use it only in those areas.

What is the best way to spray the adhesive?

  • Hold the spray bottle about 1 foot away from your ostomy system. Squirt the adhesive until the surface is coated evenly with the desired amount of adhesive.

Can a second adhesive coat be applied?

  • To strengthen the adhesive bond, a second coat can be applied if necessary. Wait 5 minutes between each coat, as well as remember to wait 5 minutes before applying your pouching system.

Can the adhesive be applied directly to the skin?

  • We strongly discourage spraying this product directly to the skin. For best results, apply the adhesive only to your ostomy system.

Is it difficult to remove the adhesive from the skin?

  • Skinister Medical Adhesive should come off easily when removing the pouching system. If removing is too difficult, Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover spray can help with removal.

Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover For Ostomy Care

Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover For Ostomy Care

Skinister Medical Adhesive Remove is formulated to remove Skinister Medical Adhesive. Use to help loosen adhesive bonds to remove ostomy systems from the skin. Spray on the skin or a cloth to remove adhesive residue from the skin.

How to use Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover

Step 1
Peel back the edge of the skin barrier until you feel discomfort.

Step 2
Spray Skinister Medical Adhesive Remove toward the skin barrier. Gently work the adhesive remover under the edges, applying more as needed until you are able to remove the pouching system.

Step 3
Rinse the and clean the area.

Step 4
When your skin is dry and prepped, apply your new ostomy pouching system as usual.

Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wash the adhesive remover off my skin?

  • We suggest rinsing the area after applying Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover to insure your next application remains secure.

Is an adhesive remover always necessary?

  • Using Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover is optional and completely dependent on your personal preference. It does make it easier to remove your skin barrier and remove any left over adhesive residue.

Will this be uncomfortable to use?

  • Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover is alcohol-free to give you a skin-safe experience. When used correctly, your pouch removal process will be easier and more comfortable when using the adhesive remover.

Skinister Medical Adhesive (1-4oz)


  • Skinister Medical Adhesive is formulated with silicone, making it a high-quality adhesive suitable for medical applications, visual effects, and cosplay.
  • This adhesive is safe for use on the skin, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including attaching breast forms, ostomy appliances, body jewelry, eyebrows, and more.
  • Available in 2oz and 4oz bottles with a spray top, making it easy to apply with precision, ensuring a thin, even coat for effective adhesion.
  • You can easily remove the adhesive using Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover, ensuring a clean and gentle removal process.
  • Skinister Medical Adhesive is versatile and can be used for various purposes, including: wound closure, surgical dressings, ostomy care, medical device attachment, insulin pump attachment, cosmetic applications, prosthetic adhesion, emergency first aid and veterinary applications
  • If not completely satisfied, Skinister offer’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Medical Grade Prosthetic Adhesive Spray

Skinister Medical Adhesive Spray is skin safe glue designed to adhere silicone prosthetics. Designed for medical uses, visual effects, and cosplay costumes. Attach silicone mastectomy breast forms, and ostomy appliances safely to your skin. Safely attach eyebrows, body jewelry, and other costume prosthetics.

Use Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover to safely clean prosthetics and remove adhesive in-between applications.

How to apply prosthetic adhesive

  1. Prepare your skin by washing with soap and water and allow your skin to fully dry.
  2. Spray Skinister Medical Adhesive to the prosthetic. A thin coat of adhesive is usually more effective than a thick coat.
  3. Allow Skinister Medical Adhesive to fully dry before applying to skin. The adhesive is suspended in solvent, which needs a few minutes to evaporate.
  4. Press and hold the prosthetic firmly against the skin. Skinister Medical Adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive and maximum strength is achieved by applying pressure for several minutes.

Skinister Medical Adhesive & Remover Product Line

Prosthetic Medical Adhesive Uses

Ostomy Appliance Adhesive

Many ostomy bag systems for feature a light adhesive intended for short term. This helps prevent leakage and providing protection form skin irritation and infection. Ostomy Adhesive allows uses to further secure their ostomy bag system to the skin. This allows colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease survivors and to continue to wear their appliance for longer periods of time, while maintaining a secure connection. Ostomy adhesive also provides extra support for an active lifestyle, along with maintaining a strong bond while bathing or swimming.

For more information, view our Skinister Medical Adhesive for Ostomy Care guide.

Mastectomy Breast Form Adhesive

Mastectomy breast forms are often worn in a pocketed bra or other garment. However, there are many beneficial reasons why some women might desire to adhere the breast form directly to their skin. A notable reason is a desire to wear a regular bra or go braless for specific outfits. Breast Form Adhesive allows women to more naturally secure breast forms to their breast tissue. Utilizing breast form adhesive can also provide wearers with a more even weight distribution. Some also find securing breast forms with adhesive allows for a more natural look and more comfortable movement, especially while they are active.

Costume Prosthetic Adhesive

Costume prosthetics, such as horns or face masks, need to be securely attached to the skin to provide a true to life look. Costume Prosthetic Adhesive is allows cosplay and makeup artists a safe way to attach costume prosthetics while protecting their skin and their prosthetics.

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4 reviews for Skinister Medical Adhesive (1-4oz)

  1. 5 out of 5


    This product is absolutely hands-down the best medical adhesive I’ve ever found. I wear post-mastectomy breast forms that weigh 1.8lbs each (36DD) and I can apply this adhesive to them and they will perfectly adhere to my chest for days. The bond is mind-blowingly strong as I can perform any activity I choose without a bra and this adhesive keeps them perfectly attached to my body whether it be running, dancing, swimming, etc… even in the heat of the summer it gives me the confidence to be braless and I can go do things that make me sweat and the adhesive never fails me. Even during more intimate situations with my partner when she really focuses on this part of my anatomy, Skinister Adhesive has not once faltered. The ability to take showers and do whatever I want to do for days on end with confidence that the adhesive won’t fail is a game changer for any woman who needs post-mastectomy breastforms that will stay put.

    I highly recommend this adhesive to anyone in need of a medical adhesive to apply things to thier body for prolonged periods of time, the best part is when you want it to come off a show gently peel is very easy to do and the cleanup is relatively non-existent!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Kathy (verified owner)

    I have an iliestomy and used Hollister 7730 Medical adhesive spray for additional tackiness for tape around bag. They started sending me a paste that didn’t work. I was so happy to find Skinster adhesive spray. It works wonderfully.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Eddie Batres

    I am a paraplegic who uses a Texas style latex condom catheter and l use a medical adhesive to attach the catheter to my penis. For forty years l used Hollister 7730 Medical Adhesive Spray. The company discontinued this product and l was left to find a replacement that would do the job. Well l tried several different products but l found Skinister Prosthetic Medical Adhesive Spray and it has been a lifesaver! It is the same product that l used for years and my catheter stays on without leaks for more than 30 hours if l need it to. This product has given my life back to me l totally am happy using it.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Love it! Works great.
    Initially used to use double sided sticky tape that only last an hour. This lasted all day and easily comes off with the adhesive remover.
    Very good product.

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