Skinister Cotton Hourglass Corset


  • 16 Steel bones.
  • Steel busk front closure.
  • Lace up back.
  • Short length: 13 inches. Long length: 14 inches
  • Comfy cotton cloth.


Cotton Hourglass Corset

Cotton corsets are often found to be more comfortable than corsets made from other materials. This is why cotton corsets are often chosen for daily wear over other materials. This more durable material allows for increased longevity, easier cleaning, and classic comfort.

The Skinister Cotton Hourglass Corset will enhance your curves by reducing your waistline. You can further enhance your hourglass figure by widening your hips with Skinister Silicone Hip Pads. This corset can be fashionably worn over your outfit to add extra style to your wardrobe. Wear under tops and dresses to achieve a stealthy hourglass figure. Pair with a corset liner to increase the longevity of your new corset.

Hourglass Corset Details

  • 16 Steel bones.
  • Steel busk front closure.
  • Lace up back.
  • 13-14 inch length.
  • Comfy cotton cloth.

How to Fit Your Corset

Use fabric measuring tape to measure around the narrowest section of your natural waist. If you plan to wear your corset over a corset liner or over other clothing, make this measurement with these or similar garments on. Subtract 4-5 inches from this measurement to arrive at the suggested corset size you should order.

Additional information


Black, Nude


22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42"


Standard, Long


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